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If you are looking for greater range & a boost of power the B12 Roam is for you.



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Tektro Hydraulic Dual Piston calipers,

140mm front disc, 160mm rear disc, 10.9 steel fittings. We use dual piston self adjusting Tektro front & rear brakes on the B12 Classic & Roam.

3 Spoke Magnesium Alloy Cast Wheel, Japanese sealed bearings

​The front wheel is produced using a high pressure injection moulding process, using a Magnesium alloy this method of manufacture guarantees high strength to weight ratio with a high quality surface finish.

​Maple 7 ply board ​

Our Board uses a high strength maple ply that features a carbon layer to reinforce the top layer, reducing the wear & tear, keeping resonance & road buzz from the riders feet. Space for 2 feet to sit side by side on the board.